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what is swissnex labs?

swissnex Labs New York is an immersive skill-building and prototyping program that focuses on the rapidly-evolving media landscape. Over the course of a two-week session, participants will explore emerging media trends, participate in content creation workshops and hear from practitioners at the cutting edge of New York’s media ecosystem. Participants will leave the program with a strong grasp of current media trends and the tools needed to implement new strategies - either in the current role or as the next step in their career.


Media is Changing

In an age of nonstop content and game-changing platforms like smart speakers, chatbots and podcasts, it is crucial for organizations to evolve to ensure their message is reaching their target audience. A future-proof media strategy is a must, but many professionals don’t know where to start. It can be difficult to grasp the new flow of content and the changing behaviors of today’s consumers, especially for those outside of major media organizations.


Immersive Learning in New York

New York is the media capital of the world, where the latest trends and practices can be experienced up close. Our immersive, customizable model couples expert presentations and workshops with hands-on learning to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate New York’s cutting edge media practices in their own work.


Our Program

swissnex Labs welcomes two cohorts of professionals each year - one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Week 1 focuses on workshops, expert panels, and networking - setting the foundation for collaboration. In Week 2, the focus shifts to experiential learning with an emphasis on skill-building, design thinking and creating prototype projects.


2 weeks

immerse yourself in nyc

Spend two weeks embedded in the bustling media ecosystem of New York City. Learn from world-renowned leaders and experience the cutting edge of emerging media.


3 topics



Our modular program model ensures that participants are learning and practicing the latest, most relevant emerging media channels.


10 participants

learn from a diverse professional group

We carefully select each group of professionals from across different industries, ensuring that participants can learn from each other and expand their networks.




Each of our cohorts will focus on 3-4 key media trends. Our modular structure ensures that participants are learning and practicing the latest strategies. Modules vary based on participant goals and emerging trends, but may include these topics:



  • The role of podcasts in the modern media landscape

  • Producing a quality podcast

  • Distribution and analysis



  • Evolving uses of AR/VR content

  • Case Study: Adopting New Tech

  • Software, hardware and production


  • Creating content for smart speakers

  • The role of smart speakers in content strategy

  • Static vs interactive content



  • Most valuable points of data for media consumption

  • Collecting personal data / GDPR regulations

  • Syncing media and marketing data



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Costs for the program range from CHF 3500 to CHF 7000 per person, depending on the type of organization and affiliations.

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